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Friday February 25th: Le char et l’olivier – Film-debate with the director of the film Roland Nurier.

At 7pm at the Kulturfabrik Esch, 116 Rue de Luxembourg, 4221 Esch-sur-Alzette. In French with French subtitles. Free admission.

“Le Char et l’Olivier” recalls a number of forgotten fundamentals and sheds light on the history of Palestine, what the media calls the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from its origin to today. This documentary film brings together geopolitical analysis, interviews with international personalities, experts on the subject and testimonies of Palestinian and French citizens.

“A fascinating documentary of precision.” – TELERAMA

“Clear, informed and educational.” – POSITIVE

Saturday, March 5: Construire en musique

Starting at 5pm at the Altrimenti Cultural Center – 5, av. Marie-Thérèse L-2132 Luxembourg. Free entrance.

The evening is a continuation of the project initiated in partnership with the association Music Fund to collect instruments for two music schools in Palestine. Lukas Pairon (Music Fund) and Martine Pinzi (CPJPO) will animate the evening and the exchanges after the screening of the films. Presentation of the permanent instrument collection point for the year 2022: DZ Guitars. The evening will end with drinks. 

Luxembourg Film Festival from March 3 to 13

This year, the Luxembourg Film Festival offers a retrospective of Elia Suleiman. The famous Palestinian director will also be president of the jury of the festival.

Friday March 18 :  Fedayin. The struggle of Georges Abdallah -As part of the Ciné-Club Proche-Orient 

At 7pm at the Altrimenti Cultural Center

The film traces the journey of an Arab communist and fighter for Palestine who was sentenced in 1987 and whom the French government is still slow to release.

Thursday March 24th: CPJPO’s general assembly (AG) at 6:30 pm at the Oekozenter, 6 Rue Vauban, L-2663 Luxembourg


CPJPO press release on the publication of Amnesty International’s report on Israeli Apartheid

“CPJPO supports Amnesty International’s recommendation to hold the State of Israel accountable and to urge it to change its policies through appropriate sanctions. It also supports the ongoing war crimes proceedings at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.”

Petition: Stop settlements

“The European Union opposes the annexation and considers the illegal settlements in the occupied territories as an obstacle to international peace and stability. While illegal settlements are a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. We demand an EU law that will end trade with illegal settlements once and for all.

In the framework of a European Citizens’ Initiative, CPJPO proposes to collect 4,500 signatures in Luxembourg. Please sign and share this petition (!)

Video-Testimony: Emanuel Kamura

The law student and activist tells how CPJPO has contributed to his awareness of the events in the Middle East 

Job offer: CPJPO is looking for a Development Education Project Coordinator 

Call for help to our members: Media Monitoring 

CPJPO is looking for people who regularly follow one or another Luxembourg media and who will commit themselves to identify and inform us of contributions that directly affect our organization or even important articles or broadcasts concerning the Middle East issue. Please contact 


On February 1, Amnesty International described the Israeli system as apartheid, calling it “a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity”. Amnesty thus joined other human rights organizations such as Yesh Din, B’Tselem or Human Rights Watch… 

Amnesty International campaign against Israeli Apartheid

VIDEO: Apartheid must be destroyed, not Palestinian homes

Reactions to the Amnesty report:

From Michael Benyair, former Attorney General of Israel and former Supreme Court Justice. 

With great sadness I conclude that my country is now an apartheid regime.  The status quo on the ground is a moral abomination. The delay by the international community in taking meaningful steps to hold Israel accountable for the apartheid regime it is perpetuating is unacceptable.”

From Hubert Hausemer in the February 10 LW

Is Amnesty’s report on Israeli apartheid anti-Semitic? The accusation has no basis in fact; it is instead an attempt to defame the real crimes committed.

Israeli forces arrested 502 Palestinians in January 

Human rights organizations report that the detainees include “54 children, one of whom is under 12 years old, and six women”

More than 20 Palestinians injured in anti-colonial demonstration in Beita

Israel has just approved the construction of a new settlement in the Beita heights south of Nablus.

PLO report: Terrorizing a nation

Settler violence against the people of Palestine – a year in review (2021) 

Palestine, a nightmare world of Israeli-made technological surveillance

Israel uses the occupied territories as a laboratory to test invasive surveillance technologies (Blue Wolf facial recognition technology, NSO Group’s Pegasus spy software …). This allows Israeli companies to export their technologies worldwide with the stamp “field tested“.

Support Gaza Stories (videos)

The purpose of Gaza Stories is to present the reality of what is happening in this tiny Palestinian enclave where more than 2 million people have been living under an Israeli blockade for nearly 16 years.

Mansour Bookshop rebuilt and reopened in Gaza 

The Mansour bookstore, which was totally destroyed by Israeli bombings in May 2021, was rebuilt and reopened in February 2022 thanks to the will of its owner, Samir Mansour, and the support of well-wishers. Culture is resistance in Palestine 


 The crimes of the Israeli army before the Dutch Court of Justice

A Palestinian-Dutch citizen who lost 6 members of his family filed a complaint against the Israeli Minister of Defense and the head of the air force before the Dutch Supreme Court (Court of Cassation).

Following the report on Israeli Apartheid, the German section of Amnesty International reacted by censoring itself. Here is the press release (translation):

“The systematic extermination of Jews was planned and executed in Germany. Violent anti-Semitic attacks, damage to property or conspiratorial ideologies are present in Germany and their extent is alarming. This places a particular responsibility on the German amnesty department. In the current national and historical context, it is difficult to make an objective and factual examination of the classification made by the report. In order to avoid the risk of instrumentalization or misinterpretation of the report, the German section of Amnesty will not plan or carry out any activities in connection with this case.”

Petition to the German government

Israel / Palestina: Menschen- und Völkerrecht für alle! The Federal Government must finally do something about it 

The EU is concerned that the cooperation with the Israeli police will lead to a mass exchange of information, David Cronin

The European Union is funding research involving the Israeli police, although it admits it can be used for espionage.


 Video: Home Demolition in Sheikh Jarrah seen as part of broader Israeli effort to dispose of Palestinians 

Democracy Now speaks to Palestinian poet and activist Mohammed El-Kurd, whose family is among those facing eviction in the Sheikh Jarrah (East-Jerusalem)

Video: Palestine 1920: The Other Side of the Palestinian Story | Al Jazeera 

“A land without a people, and a people without a land” is how the relationship between Palestine and the Jewish people was described by Christian writers in the 1800s. And the 20th-century history of the Middle East has largely been written through these eyes.

Audio: The thousand and one stories of Colum McCann, France-Culture 

The Irish-American novelist Colum McCann signs his eighth novel: “Apeirogon”, a monumental book in which he traces the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through its 1001 contours.

Redaction : Claude Grégoire

Translation: Aurélien Guimard