CPJPO Newsletter March

CPJPO AGENDA – Luxembourg

Tuesday, March 29: CPJPO meeting open to members and supporters

At 6:30 pm at the CPJPO office.

Thursday March 31st : Film ” Un mur dans ma tête ” in French.

At 19 :00 at the Oekozenter and in presence of the director Hervé Magnin

Oekozenter – 6 Rue Vauban, 2663 Luxembourg

Certainly, in Palestine, the separation walls are very concrete. But more rigid than concrete are the abstract walls of mentalities shaped by propaganda. In Palestine, colonization is in full swing. But decolonizing minds is a prerequisite for ending the colonialism that the Israeli government is practicing in the occupied territories. At least, this is the premise of this film, which invites us to explore the complexity of realities and narratives.

Hervé Magnin, director, militant artist, singular and plural, adventurer of the soul. Also a psychotherapist, working for the sustainable development of oneself and the world, Hervé will bring his insight and will fuel the exchange after the screening.

Friday, April 22: Hummus workshop, all languages

At the Centre Culturel Altrimenti, 5, Avenue Marie Thérèse. L-2132 Luxembourg

Hummus, the puree of chickpeas and sesame, should not be missing in any Palestinian meal. The Houmous Workshop will offer the opportunity to learn the finer points of its preparation. Cooking is part of the identity and richness of Palestine.

Free participation, registration required:

See the event on facebook here

Monday April 25: Screening of the film “Five Broken Cameras” (original version with French subtitles)

At 19:00 at Circolo Curiel, 107 Rte d’Esch, 1471 Luxembourg

In 2005, the year his fourth son was born, Emad Burnat, a farmer in the Palestinian village of Bil’in, began filming the local resistance against the construction of a wall on the village’s land…


Sign the petition Stop settlements

“The European Union opposes annexation and considers illegal settlements in the occupied territories an obstacle to international peace and stability. Yet, while illegal settlements are a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. European citizens demand an EU law that will end trade with illegal settlements once and for all!

The CPJPO aims to collect 4.500 signatures in Luxembourg and needs your support. Please sign and share this petition.

Video (in English): Labeling goods as “made in Israeli Settlement” is not enough!

The citizen impact of CPJPO’s commitment (in Luxembourgish)

Video-testimony of the artist Pina Delvaux


Putin’s war is a serious violation of international law that we can only condemn. Our human solidarity and our empathy go towards the Ukrainian people as towards the victims of any war. At the same time, how can we not see the moral dishonesty of Western leaders? Double standards when it comes to sanctioning the aggressor and supporting the resistance. Double standards and even open racism when it comes to welcoming – in a selective way – refugees. We say: no to any violation of international law – no to occupation, no to annexation, for the right to self-determination of all peoples, for the right to resistance, for the reception of all war refugees, for the boycott and sanctions against any state that violates international conventions.

War in Ukraine: a variable geometry of humanity and compassion. By Ilan Pappé

Even when the West’s genuine human solidarity with Ukraine is rightly expressed, we cannot ignore its racist context and Eurocentric bias. The West’s massive solidarity is reserved for anyone willing to join its bloc and sphere of influence. This official empathy is nowhere to be found when similar and worse violence is perpetrated against non-Europeans in general and Palestinians in particular.

In French:

Dear President Zelensky, your support for Israel is a shame, by Asad Ghanem

“Your recent speech in the Knesset was a disgrace to the global struggles for freedom and liberation, especially that of the Palestinian people. You reversed the roles of occupier and occupied. You missed the opportunity to demonstrate the validity of your cause and the cause of freedom in general.

In French:

Social networking giants allow hate speech against Russia but silence critics of Israel. By Jonathan Cook

Silicon Valley’s decision to allow anti-Russian threats shows it is little more than a propaganda arm of the West (in French)

A SWIFT motion and the occupation is over. By Gideon Levy

The war in Ukraine gives the world an opportunity not to remain silent any longer. Neither towards Russia, nor towards Israel. (in French)

Occupied palestine and israel

According to a UN rapporteur, the State of Israel practices apartheid

Michael Lynk, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, presented a new report to the Human Rights Council that reinforces the growing international consensus that the Israeli authorities are guilty of the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian population (in French)

See it: Amnesty International on Israeli Apartheid

An excellent video to illustrate the recent report of the human rights organization (with french subtitles)

Israel’s citizenship law no longer hides its true purpose: Jewish supremacy. Orly Noy / Middle East Eye

Why not say openly, as the right-wing ideologues in Israel do, “I’m not interested in democracy – I’m interested in Jewishness”? (in French)

How Israel separates Palestinian families. Zena Al Tahhan / Al Jazeera

Israel has just reinstated a law that deprives tens of thousands of Palestinian couples and families of their right to be together as a family (in French)

Unshattered. OCHA

A photo essay from the Hebron hills: Palestinian herders struggling under military occupation and settler violence. Nearly 30 per cent of Area C is designated as ‘firing zones’ and the 38 Palestinian communities in these zones are among the most vulnerable in the West Bank. (in english)

EU must act to stop the Gaza blockade immediately and unconditionally

The Gaza Strip, a 365 square kilometer enclave, has been under Israeli occupation since 1967 and under a tight blockade by Israel since 2007 by land, air and sea. By maintaining total control over the land and all aspects of Palestinian life in Gaza, Israel exercises its most extreme form of apartheid and persecution there. In this densely populated area 2.3 million people have been kept captive and deprived of basic human rights for 15 years.

15 years of blockade of Gaza, enough is enough! A campaign of the ECCP and European citizens.

Gaza life. Made in Gaza

A short film (in French) about the determination of the amputees of Gaza

Videos: The youth of Hebron resist with rocks and tires. Waiting for the EU to deliver the weapons ….


Wednesday 30 March: “Instrumentalization of the Anti-Semitism Accusation”. An online lecture by the Bremen Friensforum with Annette Groth.

The former member of the Bundestag will speak on the topic of “Israel-related anti-Semitism” – the instrumentalization of a term by politics and the media, as a problem for the failure to respect freedom of expression under the German Basic Law. Discussion afterwards. (In German)

Palestinian journalist takes Deutsche Welle to court

Farah Maraqa, a Palestinian-Jordanian journalist who was fired, will defend her case in court. Internal guidelines at Deutsche Welle severely limit the freedom of its journalists and guests to criticize Israel. (in french)

Editor: Claude Grégoire